LetThem TALk! on 9/11

911 Attacks on WBAI
Newscaster and host Paul DeRienzo joined by Marjorie Moore and activist Dana Beal announce the attack on the World Trade Center while live on WBAI-99.5-FM on 911 September 11, 2001.

America's Secret Court
and the Foreign Intel;ligence Surveillance Act
by Paul DeRienzo & Joan Moossy

Peter Lance
and the real 9/11

William Kunstler on
Emad Salem:
Government informant or agent provacateur?

Stanley Cohen
Radical lawyer

expert on defendants accused of terrorism

Who Bombed
The World Trade Center?
FBI Bomb Builders Exposed
Aton Edwards of the International Preparedness Network
Interview with the Sheik
In MCC with Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman
Emad Salem Phone Call with an FBI Special Agent
Radical Attorney Lynne Stewart
Interviewed by Joan Moossy
Nasser Ahmed Interview
A Victim of Racial Profiling and Secret Evidence
Les Jamieson
The Times Missing Woman Bureau
Was Jose Hadas a Mossad Agent?
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