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Pacifica Campaign Update

February 18, 2002


In the past year, the listeners? boycott was part of a successful strategy to restore accountability to Pacifica. This month, Pacifica stations are conducting their first pledge drives under new management. The Pacifica Campaign urges you to join these historic fund drives and give generously to WBAI, KPFA, KPFT, WPFW, and KPFK. The amount of support we give will prove pivotal for the future of our stations and the network.

As we all know, the financial pillaging of Pacifica during the past year has been devastating. In a recent interview, Pacifica Foundation Treasurer Jabari Zakiya told us that the Pacifica Foundation descended from a projected $600,000 revenue surplus during the year 1999-2000 to the $4.8 million dollar debt for fiscal year 2000-2001 reported by Executive Director Dan Coughlin. Various excessive severance packages appear to have been promised in the past, as well, although the current Pacifica management has reported that these may be contested. Many Beltway consulting firms are lining up for six-figure payouts for work contracted by Pacifica's former management. The Pacifica Campaign is developing a grassroots pressure campaign to convince some of these creditors to forgive the debt. We will be calling on you for your participation in that work.

"This past year, Pacifica was treated like a feeding trough - funded (mostly) by listeners," said Zackiya, "with vultures and hyenas circling to pick what they could from the carcass of what was our network." Zackiya went on to explain, "When you cannibalize the network, the more you move, the deeper you sink. You get late fees and when you can?t pay those bills, you get more late fees."

Asked whether the network can be restored, Zakiya described Pacifica as seriously wounded but not fatally so. "We have the people and desire to do it. We just need the resources."


If Pacifica's crippling debts are a bitter pill, remember what they say: the best revenge is success. It is crucial that we recognize the importance of the current fund drives. We know that our victorious battle to save Pacifica was an inspiring and heroic event in media and the American democratic experiment. History will show the true results of our efforts. At this time, we must simply move forward decisively, in mass financial support for this network that we have so dearly won back.

The last leg of our current struggle is restoring financial stability to Pacifica while we institute democratic elections. Give until it hurts! After you pledged, do what Juan Gonzalez has pledged to do: find 10 friends to become new listener supporters, and convince them to join! The amount of support we give to this historic effort will prove pivotal for the very survival and restoration of our stations and the network.

Listed below are scheduled times for fund-drives at the five stations with contact information for pledging. It should be pointed out that the operating needs of WBAI, WPFW, KPFT, KPFA, and KPFK have been made the priority for these fund drives. Each station has established a local bank account for receiving and managing money pledged. In addition, a national fund-raising day is also listed for transmitter costs at KPFK in Los Angeles. Of course, pledges are welcomed at all times, before and after fund drives.


WBAI (New York): February 4th - February 22nd.
Pledge at

KPFA (Berkeley): February 13th - February 27th.
Pledge line: 800-439-5732

WPFW (Washington DC): February 17th - March 2nd.
Pledge line: 800-222-9739

KPFK (Los Angeles): February 20th - March 1st.
Pledge at

KPFT (Houston): within 4 weeks.
Pledge at

February 28 - A one-day fundraiser is planned throughout the network for the KPFK transmitter. Although KPFK has the potential to provide the largest coverage in the country, its transmitter is currently running at 1/4th capacity of its licensed power outage. $100,000 is still needed to complete the project to bring the transmitter to full potential. Money is needed for construction and engineering requirements, as well as a physical change of location for the antenna. To help with the transmitter project, contact KPFK at or stand by for more information.