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Pacifica Campaign Recognizes 10th Anniversary of East Timor Massacre

Nov. 12, 2001

Tenth Anniversary of Santa Cruz Massacre in East Timor

WBAI Coup Leaders Deny Massacre Occurred, Accuse Amy Goodman of Lying

Event Tonight, in NYC Commemorates Massacre: see below

Action Alert: Go to the East Timor Action Network's website and support their call to action on this massacre anniversary.

Take Part in the Pacifica Campaign's National Day of Action at Fannie May this Wednesday, Nov. 14th.

Come to Washington, DC for the Pacifica Board meeting this Weekend, Nov. 17-18 2001:

We all must take a stand now to return Amy Goodman, her fellow and sister staffers of Democracy Now!, and all the fired and banned of Pacifica to the airwaves. Nothing crystallizes the problems with Pacifica's corrupt Board and management more clearly than the disgraceful treatment this courageous, award-winning journalist has received. (See the chronology of harassment of Amy Goodman and Democracy Now! at )

Today, Nov. 12, 2001 is the tenth anniversary of the Santa Cruz massacre in East Timor. Hundreds of peaceful protestors were murdered by the Indonesian Army. Journalists Amy Goodman and Allan Nairn were present at the massacre, and attempted to stop the military's actions by standing between the soldiers and the protestors. They were beaten to the ground, Nairn threw his body over Goodman's to protect her, and had his skull fractured by being beaten with the butts of M16s. The Indonesian officers who led the massacre were later criticized for not killing the two. The two escaped, and reported on the massacre. Their documentary, "MASSACRE: The Story of East Timor," won numerous awards and proved instrumental in bringing international attention to Indonesia's genocidal occupation of East Timor. (hear the documentary at )

Sadly, at least two individuals at WBAI have confronted Amy Goodman, suggesting that either she fabricated her report or that the massacre simply did not occur. Paul DiRienzo, who has replaced fired, award-winning journalist Robert Knight as morning news anchor on WBAI, accosted Goodman at WBAI and informed her that he was investigating whether she was there or if it even happened. Utrice Leid, principal enforcer of the political purges at WBAI and nominally National Programming Director, taunted Goodman during the incident of Aug. 10th, 2001. That day she stole Goodman's camera, shoved her, and mockingly questioned her witnessing of the massacre.

In response to this grotesque accusation, Nobel Prize Winner Jose Ramos-Horta denounced the massacre deniers, as did video journalist Max Stahl, who caught the massacre on video, and John Miller of the East Timor Action Network. These statements can be read at

See the photo taken of Goodman and Nairn shortly after the massacre at

Additional information about the Santa Cruz massacre can be found at and


Justice for East Timor:

10 Years After the Santa Cruz Massacre

Monday, November 12, 2001, 7:30 pm
School of Blessed Sacrament
147 W 70th St. (btn. Columbus and Broadway), Manhattan

A Forum with

* Amy Goodman (Democracy Now! in Exile) eyewitness to the massacre
* Constancio Pinto (East Timor representative to the U.S ) leader of the clandestine movement
* Michael Ratner (Center for Constitutional Rights) attorney in successful lawsuit against Indonesian general
also video and photos
updates on campaigns for justice for East Timor and restoration of the Pacifica Network
$10 donation requested; no one turned away