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Local Advisory Board Resolution Regarding KPFK General Manager

The Motion below passed unanimously--with two abstentions--by the Local Advisory Board (LAB) of KPFK-FM at a regular Board meeting on Saturday, January 19, 2002.

Also a straw vote was taken of the audience of 150-200 KPFK listeners who with the exception of a handful also approved the measure.

WHEREAS: Mark Schubb has engaged in a campaign of disinformation aimed at the KPFK listening audience, using a series of recorded statements read by various KPFK staff members, in which he blames the present financial difficulties of KPFK on the interim Pacifica National Board which met for the first time in December, 2001, and falsely accuses the iPNB of interfering with the editorial content of KPFK programming for the first time, while at the same time Mr. Schubb has refused to allow a complete and fair presentation of the information about the history or current reality of Pacifica Radio to be heard on the airwaves, and

WHEREAS: Mr. Mark Schubb refused to honor and comply with the resolution approved by the iPNB and the directive of the Pacifica Program Director to restore Democracy Now! to the airwaves on KPFK at its previous time slot and

WHEREAS: Mr. Schubb and his Program Directors have removed scores of programs during his tenure as General Manager inappropriately and without due process.


That the KPFK Local Advisory Board (LAB) call on the interim Pacifica Executive Director and the iPNB to immediately fire for cause Mr. Mark Schubb as KPFK General Manager. We believe that to permit him to continue as General Manager would be deleterious to the station, in that he is intentionally turning the opinion of the listenership against the KPFK LAB and the iPNB, sowing confusion and distrust among the audience and creating a hostile working environment at KPFK.