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For Immediate Release:
August 6, 2001

Folksinger Dar Williams to Perform at Musical Garden Party Supporting 'Free Pacifica Radio'

SANTA MONICA, CA—Acclaimed folksinger Dar Williams has joined a line-up of artists performing at a "Musical Garden Party" honoring former Pacifica Radio hosts Roz and Howard Larman of Folkscene and Juan Gonzalez former co-host Democracy Now! in support of the Free Pacifica Lawsuits and the Pacifica Campaign.

Dar is not new to the 'Free Pacifica Radio' movement, she performed at several benefits in the Bay Area. "That New York station, WBAI, totally radicalized my adolescence," she told the San Francisco Chronicle earlier this year. "I could tune in and find things no one else was playing. The Berkeley station (KPFA) serves the same function."

Thousands of Pacifica Radio listener-sponsors from across the nation have organized to reclaim the Pacifica Foundation from a ‘corporate clique’ that critics say have taken over the progressive radio network founded over 50 years ago. In the past five years close to 150 volunteers and staff have been purged, fired or driven out of Pacifica’s KPFK 90.7 FM in Los Angeles. Pacifica Radio is a network of five community radio stations in whose signals are capable of reaching over one in five American households and have an aggregate market value of half a billion dollars.

When: Sunday, August 26, 2001 2-6 PM

Where: 939 San Vicente Blvd., Santa Monica

What: Musical Garden Party Supporting the Free Pacifica Lawsuits and the Pacifica Campaign

Who: Honoring Roz & Howard Larman and their 27 years of Folkscene formerly presenting the best in the people’s music on KPFK 90.7 FM and Juan Gonzalez, former co-host of Pacifica Radio’s Democracy Now!, NY Daily News columnist and founder of the Pacifica Campaign.

Featured entertainment: Dar Williams, acclaimed folk rock singer/songwriter; Joanna Cazden, political singer/songwriter; David Crittendon, Blues/jazz/spiritual pianist and singer; James Lee Stanley, wonderful humorous songwriter; Wozzani, outstanding, multi-racial, all-women's World Beat group; Roy Zimmerman, hilarious, lead singer/songwriter of The Foremen.

Hosted by: Santa Monica Mayor Michael Feinstein (former KPFK host); Assem. Jackie Goldberg; Professor Gerald Horne, author; Mia Iwataki of East Wind; Sherman Pearl, co-founder of the L.A. Poetry Festival and Gary Phillips, writer/activist with the National Writers Union.

Suggested donation: $50.00

For information: call 323 878-5680 or go to:

Background: The Free Pacifica Lawsuits ( addresses by-laws changes made in late 90’s by the Pacifica Foundation National Board of Directors (PNB) drastically revised its by-laws, removing the rights of member station Local Advisory Boards (LABs) to elect a majority of the PNB, and instead granting the PNB exclusive control over its own membership. These changes, along with the PNB's refusal to observe its own by-laws, the use of Foundation funds for purposes contrary to those expressed in its Articles of Incorporation, and violation of its charitable trust, are being challenged in CA Superior court by lawsuits brought by members of LABs, two groups of directors of the Foundation (5 of the present 11 member board), and a group of listeners on behalf of the CA Attorney General.

The Pacifica Campaign ( is a nationwide grassroots campaign representing thousands of listener-sponsors and staff of the Pacifica Radio Network's stations and affiliate stations. The Campaign is calling for the resignation of some members of the Pacifica National Board who have formed a ruling majority and who, by their actions and policies, are dismantling the network and its intended mission.

In recent months the Pacifica Campaign and a broad network of allied activist groups have held public education campaigns about their actions, engaged them in direct peaceful confrontations, and coordinated pickets and direct peaceful interventions in public forums and workplaces of the employers of the renegade board members. The Campaign call s for a complete boycott of funding to the Pacifica National Board until its mission has been restored. To date, the Pacifica Campaign has obtained the resignations of four board members and the withdrawal of two nominees that the renegade board majority has attempted to elect to replace those who have resigned. ###

Information: (323) 878-5680 or (310) 458-7213