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Pacifica Campaign Action Alert

Pacifica Campaign Action Alert For Friday, June 15 through Mon. June 18th



Our collective action is having results. Please read this background material, or jump below and make as many of the calls as you can and send the suggested email . The people to call are listed in order of priority - if you can only make one call, call the first, etc.


NAHB Employees Run Amok in US Capital - Threaten to Kill US Senator, Destroy Pacifica Radio.

The National Association of Home Builders need to rein in several of their employees, it seems. On Thursday, June 7th, an unnamed NAHB lobbyist threatened to kill US Senator James Jeffords. NAHB staffer Ken Ford has advanced to the acting Chairmanship of the Pacifica Foundation Board of Directors, following the June 13th resignation of David Acosta. Ford has consistently denied awareness of or responsibility for any of the chaos and mismanagment that is currently destroying Pacifica, claiming that the Board Chair is the one to complain to. He is now that person.

The death threat was reported on in this week's Counterpunch:

"Meanwhile, the Capitol Police have launched an investigation into a lobbyist for the Louisiana Home Builders Association who allegedly made a death threat against Jeffords last Thursday.

The unnamed lobbyist, who was on his way to a meeting with Sen. Mary Landrieu (D La.), apparently stopped off in Jeffords' office to tell a staffer that he wanted to kill the Senator because he bailed out of the GOP.

Bruce Smith, president of the National Association of Home Builders, confirmed the incident to The Associated Press. He condemned the lobbyist's action and offered an apology to Jeffords.

The Capitol Police and Jeffords' office both declined to comment on the investigation. Jeffords has been flanked by a couple of plainclothes officers for weeks because of numerous death threats."

Please call the following executives and board members of the NAHB, and ask them to rein in their employees. tell them that Ken Ford has, since June 13th, advanced to the Chairmanship of the Pacifica Board, and that his attempted destruction of the Pacifica Foundation has created a national furor, with the NAHB at the center.

Bruce Smith, NAHB President
Smith Quality Homes Inc.
2855 Mitchell Dr. #250 Walnut Creek, CA
x102 Bruce Smith
x103 Randy Smith

F. Gary Garczynski, NAHB First Vice President
National Capital Land and Development, Inc.
13662 Office Place
Woodbridge, VA 22102
(703) 580-8419
(703) 580-8230

C. Kent Conine, NAHB Vice President/Treasurer
Conine Residential Group
300 Town & Country Blvd. #190
Frisco, Tx 75034
972-668-6600 x12

Bobby Rayburn, NAHB Vice President/Secretary
Rayburn & Assocs.
Jackson, MS
(601) 856-1761

NAHB Board of Directors

President: Susie Cleveland, CAE
Home Builders Assoc. of Metro Mobile (AL)
phone: (334)661-6523
Fax: (334)661-5588

Vice President: Susan Matlick, CAE
Maryland-National Capital BIA
phone: (301)445-5400
Fax: (301)445-5499

Secretary/Treasurer: Bob Weiss
Home Builders Assoc. of Kentucky
Fax: (502)875-5480

Sample email

Cut the below list of email addresses, paste it into the To: line of your email composition form, and then cut and paste the text of the letter or compose your own, and send it.,,,,

Dear NAHB Executive:

Since June 13th, with the resignation of Pacifica Board Chair David Acosta, NAHB official Ken Ford has risen to the acting Chairmanship of the Pacifica Board. I am deeply concerned that Ford, whose legal term on the Board has expired and who is a defendant is three separate lawsuits seeking his removal from the Board, will continue to wreak havoc with our cherished radio network.

The behavior of NAHB staffers engaging in such unpopular activities as the hijacking of a non-profit national radio network or threatening to murder a US Senator cannot be tolerated. I insist that you pressure your employees to behave responsibly. Until then, the NAHB will have to endure the scrutiny and attention of those of us committed to justice, free speech and nonviolence.