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REPORT: The Pacifica Campaign's Thursday, May 24 National Demo/Protest at KPFK 90.7 FM

May 30, 2001

The Pacifica Campaign's Thursday, May 24 National Demo/Protest at KPFK 90.7 FM Los Angeles drew 50 Free Pacifica Activists, with signs & banners in support of the embattled national program Democracy Now! and host Amy Goodman. The Pacifica Campaign-L.A. Demo celebrated Democracy Now!'s return to the LAís airwaves Thursday May 24, the first Democracy Now! edition to be uncensored by KPFK GM Mark Schubb since the fund drive began May 16th. Amy Goodman was never allowed to pitch live on KPFK's airwaves during this fund drive. The Pacifica Campaign-L.A. protest reminded Free Pacifica Activists to continue calling KPFK during the fund drive to voice their outrage at the censoring of Democracy Now!. Would-be callers were urged to voice their concerns about the current Pacifica Crisis, instead of giving KPFK/Pacifca money.

Purged KPFK Chicano Radio Programmer and Pacifica Campaign-L.A. Co-Organizer John Martinez was emcee. Community members who spoke included: local migrant's rights organizer Olly Mogollon & Brett Doran of the Action Resource Center.

Former KPFK Lisitener-Subscriber Monica G. of Huntington Beach drove over 2 hours with two small children to hand deliver a letter to KPFK GM Mark Schubb and tour the station with her 3 and 5 year-old daughters. She spoke to fellow protesters about how the station refused to let her in and how upset her and her husband are at the preemption of Democracy Now!. Ali, visiting LA from Paris and a native Iranian delivered a solidarity message.

Pacifica Campaign LA Co-Organizer Karen Pomer gave updates on recent Free Pacifica victories: Michael Palmer resigning, Democracy Now! back on the air, and an update on Carol Spooner's Lawsuit. Vince Ivory of the L.A.-Based Pacifica Accountability Committee (PAC) spoke as well, calling the Pacifica Campaign's Boycott "A bad idea whose time had come." Pacifica Campaign-L.A. Co-Organizer Farah Davari spoke as a former listener-subscriber who could no longer support KPFK/Pacifica in its current crisis.

Dan Coughlin, purged Pacfica National News Director who currently works with the Pacifica Campaign's National Office, spoke live via cell-phone with a summary of the successful WBAI N.Y. Protest. KPFA's Dennis Bernstein also spoke live with a solidarity statement from Berkeley. John Martinez was live on Bernstein's Flashpoints program as well. Martinez said 'official' estimates put KPFK's current Fund Drive total near $290K (as of Thursday May 24), about $70K below last year's total. Speakers at Thursday's Demo recalled how Pacifica apologist/KPFK Programmer Marc Cooper on Tuesday earlier in the week made a 20-minute on air attack against the Pacifica Campaign's effectiveness during this fund drive while he belittled our daily Informational Pickets in front of the station.

During our picket that Tuesday, 2 KPFK listeners heard Cooper's tirade & joined our picket. Also all through the fund drive, fund drive volunteers came out seeking information about the Pacifica Campaign and its demands. The KPFK Demo had itsí usual KPFK-instigated LAPD visit. Tom Camarella of Pacifica Accountability Committee gave a cop-report. As usual, there was no incident.

The daily informational pickets in front of KPFK concluded on Friday May 25. The next Pacifica Campaign target of the Pacifca National Board: Ken Ford of the National Association of HomeBuilders.