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From the Long Island Friends of WBAI:

RECENT ACTIONS: LI Demo at CB Richard Ellis

About 40 of us gathered on Old Country Rd on Tuesday, April 17, to demonstrate for WBAI and encourage C B Richard Ellis to urge Micheal Palmer to resign. We sang, chanted and had some beautiful posters to display. Three of us went to deliver the letter we signed to C B Richard Ellis. When the three got to the office, there were some agents there, but no supervisor, and none of the agents agreed to receive the letter. The group left the office explaining that we will send a copy of the letter by certified mail to the main office in New York City. After the letter messengers returned, we placed gags on as the National Board has done to WBAI. The media did not come to the event, and explained that they would have if we had scheduled it earlier.

Our next general meeting will be May 1 at 7:45 PM at the Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington.

Long Island Friends of WBAI