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Pacifica National Board meeting called: Washington, DC Nov 17-18, 2001

The Pacifica Campaign received the below email announcing the upcoming Pacifica National Board meeting, scheduled for Sat/Sun. Nov 17-18, in Washington, DC. There will be a mass mobilization to attend this public meeting.

Stay tuned for details.

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See note from Leslie Cagan below. Time to mobilize! We must turn out in force on the weekend of Nov. 17-18 in DC to tell the illegally-seated Pacifica National Board majority that they must resign now! (The previously announced dates were Oct. 27-28.) The Action Committee of Concerned Friends will be coordinating a plan for buses and vans to go down to DC, and will work with DC activists to arrange community housing, to the extent possible. As in our successful collaboration during the Houston PNB meeting last March, we will reach out to the other free-Pacifica groups around the country to make this the strongest showing yet of our collective demand to take back the network, and a chance to discuss the future of our national movement.

Please send any suggestions for actions, meetings, teach-ins and other activities.

Bob Lederer member, Concerned Friends of WBAI, Action Committee fired and banned WBAI producer

Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2001 14:33:10 -0400
From: Leslie Cagan <>
Subject: new dates for PNB meeting


I just got word that the date of the meeting of the Pacifica National Board has been changed. Now isn't that a surprise!!!

The meeting is now scheduled for Nov. 17-18th in Washington, DC. This comes via a formal notice from Farrell faxed from the office of Williams and Connelly (the Pacifica lawyers) so I believe this will indeed be the date and location.

Please feel free to pass this along to others.