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Two Reports from LA Forum

Two attendees at last night's Pacifica Forum in Los Angeles filed these reports

Just a short report.

A packed house of over 1200 came to the First Baptist Church to hear and participate in the KPFK/Pacificia forum.

Bernard White, Juan Gonzales and Amy Goodman all gave rousing talks and were greeted with standing ovations.

Mark Shrubb dropped by to also give a short talk as did Don Rush from the Pacifica National News.

It took some effort on the part of the moderator Jim Lafferty to keep the boos and shouts down so Mark could talk.

Afterwards he engaged in an hour dialogue with a smaller group.

John Johnson Change-Links Progressive Newspaper

Schubb Threatens Corporate Sponsorship for Pacifica if Listener Boycott Proceeds

At his presentation to the packed "Save Pacifica" forum last night, KPFK Station Manager Mark Schubb stated that the only thing that could make Pacifica decide to accept corporate sponsorship would be a situation in which insufficient funds were raised by the network, such as would occur if listeners decided to boycott the station's upcoming fund drives.

The comment was added to other remarks that seemed intended to downplay the possibility of Pacifica's accepting corporate funding. Schubb was apparently attempting to respond to recent charges that Pacifica has been considering heading down that path, but his backhanded embrace of the possibility seemed to lend added credibility to that thesis.

A listener boycott to force Pacifica to respond to community demands for openness and internal democracy was a major topic of discussion at the event, which attracted over 1200 concerned Pacifica supporters.