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The Pacifica Foundation created listener-sponsored radio over 50 years ago, and has since built a non-profit, commercial-free network with five stations in major US markets and scores of affiliated stations nationwide. Now, a small clique has hijacked the Pacifica Board of Directors. They have rewritten the by-laws of the Foundation to enable them to sell one or more of the stations, to allow them to personally profit from such sales, and to disburse surplus proceeds from such sales to other organizations, as they see fit. We need to take action now to save Pacifica!

Contact these Pacifica National Board members and tell them:

1. No sale of any station
2. No bylaw changes
3. Stop the attacks on Amy Goodman
4. Resign now!

  1. Beth Lyons, WBAI: mailto:<font%20face="Arial,%20Helvetica,%20sans-serif"%20size="2"></font>
  2. Tomas Moran, KPFA: mailto:<font%20face="Arial,%20Helvetica,%20sans-serif"%20size="2"></font>
  3. Pete Bramson, KPFA: mailto:<font%20face="Arial,%20Helvetica,%20sans-serif"%20size="2"></font>
  4. Rob Robinson, WPFW: mailto:<font%20face="Arial,%20Helvetica,%20sans-serif"%20size="2"></font>
  5. Rabbi Aaron Kriegel, KPFK: mailto:<font%20face="Arial,%20Helvetica,%20sans-serif"%20size="2"></font>


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