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Ken Ford Resigns

November 2, 2001

Dear Pacifica Campaign Supporters,

Pacifica Board Vice-Chair Ken Ford has resigned his post effective immediately, according to new Pacifica Board Chair Bob Farrell and Jerry Howard, the chief executive officer of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) where Ken Ford works.

The resignation comes in the wake of the massive wave of protests sparked by Ken Ford's controversial statements in The San Francisco Examiner last week. There, Ken Ford likened the Pacifica reform movement to the Sept. 11 terrorists and laid out an argument for the sale of Pacifica stations KPFA and WBAI.

This is a major victory for our movement. Congratulations to the many thousands of people nationwide who have sacrificed so much time, money and energy these past few months to save Pacifica and especially to those who wrote heartfelt letters about Ken Ford's most recent statements.

Since the Pacifica Campaign started in February of this year, all the Pacifica Board officers - Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer - have been forced to resign in the face of widespread nationwide protests over their policies. Two other board members have resigned during that time. In addition, Executive Director Bessie Wash has been forced out and so as the No. 2 Pacifica executive, National Program Director Steve Yasko. WBAI General Manager Utrice Leid has also been yanked from her post. In short, our movement has had a stunning series of successes

Now must be the time for the remaining Pacifica Board majority members to put the interests of the network first and find an honorable and dignified resolution to the crisis that has engulfed the network in recent years.

They should accept the reality that those Pacifica listeners who have been able to hear both sides of the story have overwhelmingly rejected their policies. We urge them to arrange an orderly resignation of their group and thus pave the way for a transition board that can begin rebuilding the network under new democratic rules.

There must be an immediate halt to the senseless waste of listener funds that continues to occur around the network. The high-priced lawyers, public relations firms, security companies, and seemingly endless consultants, are no substitute for sound management policies based upon participation and representation, not exclusion and repression.

Our strategy of turning up the heat -- putting pressure on individual board members, and cutting off the water - boycotting Pacifica's fund drives, is bearing results. Let us continue to move forward. The end of this stage of the fight is within sight. We need only stay focused we will achieve our goals. After that, we will begin the hard work of rebuilding Pacifica as an even grander bastion of free speech.