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Pacifica Campaign Action Alert

Democracy Now! Thrown Off the Air

Amy Goodman was yanked off the air today (Wednesday) at Pacifica station KPFK in Los Angeles and WBAI in New York. At WBAI, Democracy Now! was preempted entirely. At KPFK, an old edition of the program was aired.


Call KPFK at 1-818-985-KPFK (5735)
Call WBAI at 1-212-209-2950

Protest Pacifica managementıs harassment of Amy and Democracy Now! and ask that the editorial integrity of the program be respected. Call for Democracy Now! to be played in full, every day. Ask for the real deal, no fakes and no frauds. That day's version of Democracy Now! only. Let your voice be heard!

Please be polite and patient. You will be speaking with tally room volunteers. Let them know what is happening. Please call as many times as you feel necessary to get your message across.


Democracy Now! was canceled in the wake of yesterdayıs Congressional hearing on the Pacifica crisis before the Progressive Caucus. Also yesterday, Board Treasurer Micheal Palmer resigned. Pacifica managers were clearly worried about whether Democracy Now! would cover the story, which The Washington Post, among others, reported on today.

KPFK management, in an attempt to discredit Amy, provided listeners with the flimsy excuse that Amy supposedly refused to provide fund drive programming to the station. Even if this charge were true, which it is not, that is hardly a reason to run an old edition of the program. KPFK could have easily played todayıs version.

Amy is pitching normally at Pacifica stations WPFW and KPFA.

At WBAI, as tri-state area listeners know, Amy is being harassed on a daily basis by General Manager Utrice Leid. On-air and off-air, she has called Amy a racist, a liar, unethical, and publicly claimed that Amy "defecates" and "vomits" on the air.

Twice this week, and only minutes before air-time, the station manager kicked Amy and the Democracy Now! production team out of WBAIıs main broadcast studio and forced them into a small, sub-standard production studio. Democracy Now! is the only program that has been relegated to the space -- a clear demonstration of Pacifica management's consistent campaign of harrassment and censorship of Amy Goodman and Democracy Now!