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Jeff Cohen on Pacifica's Attempt to Subvert 3/23 LA Event

MESSAGE FROM JEFF COHEN OF FAIR - for LA "Pacifica Crisis" meeting, 3/23/01

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Counterspin, the syndicated weekly radio program on media produced by FAIR covered Pacifica issues last week. Unfortunately, of the five Pacifica stations, it was only heard on KPFA. (WPFW no longer runs the program at all. Bessie Wash, while manager of WPFW, began censoring Counterspin when it began covering Pacifica issues, and ultimately took it off the schedule entirely.) The focus of the program is on the Houston Board meeting and organizing related to the struggle for Pacifica. FAIR's Janine Jackson and Steve Rendall host. Guests were Tomas Moran (dissident Pacifica board member) Juan Gonzalez (needs no introduction) and the list moderator.