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Pacifica Campaign DC office daily report

Countdown to the Pacifica Board Meeting: 17 Days to go

NAHB Vigil Alerts Hundreds to Ken Ford's Irresponsible Statements. Ford publicly announces a full Board meeting this Saturday by Conference call

Today, Weds. 10/31/2001, a small but spirited vigil at the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) kicked off the Countdown to the Pacifica Board Meeting in DC.

The vigilers held signs with slogans like "Ken Ford of NAHB - Off the Pacifica Board" and "Democracy Now! NOW!", and handed out flyers describing Ken Ford's irresponsible statements to the San Francisco Examiner, likening Pacifica reform activists to the Al Qaeda terrorist network.

The Pacifica Board Vice Chair himself exited the building, and was pointed out by one of the vigilers. A reporter with - WBAI Radio in Exile - approached him and got a 15-minute interview. The interview will be aired on and archived at

A highlight was when Ford announced that there would be full board meeting this Saturday, Nov. 3rd, at 2 PM "Eastern Standard Time" by conference call. He said that the situation with Bessie Wash was one of the topics. When asked at what time the public comment period would be, he stated that he wasn't "sure if it was going to be set up for that," and proferred the suggestion that most active listeners know to be a classic Pacifica management canard, "call the station."

Greg Craig Represented the Government of Guatemala in 1999

In another DC development, an activist obtained the most recent available Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) public record for the law firm of Williams & Connolly, whose biggest gun, Greg Craig, will be representing Pacifica in negotiations starting Thurs. Nov 1st. The firm was paid $200,000 for six months of representation in the US for the Government of Guatemala. Greg Craig was listed as one the attorneys working on behalf of the Guatemalan government, at a time when the country was rife with corruption, crime and violence. The FARA was created under the Dept. of Justice to monitor the propaganda activities of the Nazis within the US. More on Craigıs representation of human rights abusers to follow.

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