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Pacifica Board Secretary Andrea Cisco has resigned. She confirmed the move in a conversation this afternoon with Pacifica Campaign activist and fired WBAI Program Director Bernard White. Pacifica board majority lawyer Daly Temchine also notified lawyers for the Pacifica litigants that she was prepared to step down.

Technically, the resignation will become effective when the paperwork for a dismissal of all claims against her by the Pacifica litigants -- the Local Advisory Board members, the dissident National Board members and listeners -- has been completed. The plaintiffs from the legal actions have offered to dismiss all claims against the majority Pacifica Board members if they resign by Thursday, July 19, at 5:00 pm.

The Cisco resignation brings the number of defections from the corporate clique to five since February, when we launched our campaign. The other Pacifica board members that have resigned are: Chair David Acosta, Treasurer Micheal Palmer and members Karolyn Van Putten and Frank Millspaugh.

The Pacifica Campaign thanks Andrea Cisco for doing the right thing. We urge Pacifica board members Ken Ford, John Murdock, Bert Lee, Wendell L. Johns, Valrie Chambers and Bob Farrell to respond in kind. Please continue to write and call them. Ask them to put the interests of Pacifica Radio first. Visit: Every day that the network's precious resources are wasted on lawyers' fees and high-powered Beltway PR firms in a fight for their untenable position is another breach of fiduciary responsibilities.

This latest resignation is a victory for people power. And as long as we stay vigilant, disciplined and united, and stick to our movement's humanistic values, we will achieve our goals. Let's keep the pressure on!!

In solidarity,

Juan Gonzalez