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Call WBAI at 212-209-2950
during Wake Up Call and ask what
happened to Robert and Amy.

Help stop Pacifica National Management's destruction of NYC's WBAI 99.5 FM and the Pacifica Radio Network!

Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2001: Robert Knight, long-term news anchor on WBAI's popular Wake Up Call morning show, was told by the interim Station Manager Utrice Leid this morning that both he and Amy Goodman had been removed from the morning show.

This completes the purge of WBAI's Wake Up Call, initiated with the firing during the Coup of 20-year station veteran and Wake Up Call Host Bernard White, producer and union shop steward Sharan Harper, and subsequent bannings of Wake Up Call producers Janice K. Bryant, Cerene Roberts, 28-year veteran programmer Mimi Rosenberg, Rosalie Hoffman, Rachel Barr and Ursula Ruedenberg.

Leid, installed in the middle of the night of Dec. 23rd 2000 during the WBAI "Christmas Coup", is currently occupying the airwaves during the 6-9 AM Wake Up Call slot as the station enters its second week of fundraising. Leid has installed guards, imposed a gag rule prohibiting on-air discussion of station business and has prohibited the public from entering the station for the listener comment period of the Local Advisory Board meetings. Staff members report that a climate of terror has been created at the station. Leid is Pacifica Management's principal hatchetperson in NYC.

ACTION: Call WBAI at 212-209-2950 during Wake Up Call and ask what happened to Robert and Amy. Staff and volunteers answering fund raising calls will hang up on you. Continue calling until Utrice Leid, station manager, personally answers your concerns about the firings and bannings she has imposed at the behest of Pacifica Management. Call 212-209-2950, each morning from 6-9 AM Easter time, Wednesday through Friday, Feb 14-16.

For more info, call the Pacifica Campaign at 646-230-9586