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Action Alert for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 13-July 15

Pacifica Board Secretary Andrea Cisco Resign Now!
Keep the Pressure On!

Please call, fax, and/or e-mail Andrea Cisco directly and urge her to resign from the Pacifica Board immediately. It's the right thing to do. Please be polite.

Andrea Cisco
98 Vanderbilt Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11205
Tel: 718-624-6105
Fax: 718-624-6287

Every phone call, fax and e-mail counts. Please be sure to contact Andrea Cisco this weekend.


Andrea Cisco, a diversity consultant, has supported board and management actions where station staff have been harassed, intimidated, censored, arrested, forced out or fired and banned without explanation. She has also endorsed race-baiting and the politics of division and hatred which is in direct contradiction to the Pacifica mission.

As a national board member, Andrea Cisco is charged with the stewardship of the organization's interests, assets and name. However, her term on the national board expired in March 2001, yet she refuses to step down. The WBAI Local Advisory Board, which first nominated her to the national board, has also asked her to resign. Please urge Andrea Cisco to resign immediately from the Pacifica Foundation national board.