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MAY 21-25, 2001

Pacifica stations KPFK in Los Angeles and WBAI in New York continue to keep Democracy Now! off the air. We must continue to challenge this egregious act of censorship and to escalate our protests.

Please take a few minutes to protect radio not yet owned by a corporation. Here's a few things you can do. Remember every phone call, letter, or e-mail counts!!

1. Call the WBAI tally room at (212) 209-2950 and call the KPFK tally room at (818) 985-5735. Say NO to the censorship of Democracy Now! Keep calling until you feel you've been heard.

2. Picket WBAI and KPFK every day. The WBAI pickets, in front of the station at 120 Wall St., run from 7:30-9:00am and 4:30-6:00pm all this week (May 21-25). The KPFK picket, at 3729 Cahuenga Blvd., North Hollywood, runs from 4:00-6:00pm this week.

3. Demonstrate in Defense of Democracy Now! this Thursday, May 24. The protests will be in front of WBAI/New York and KPFK/Los Angeles. They will run from 4:30-7:00pm at WBAI and from 3:30-6:30pm at KPFK.

4. Call the Office of The Vice Chair of the Pacifica Board -- Ken Ford. He works for the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) in Washington, DC. Please call NAHB President Bruce Smith, Ken Ford's boss, and let him know that Ken Fordıs work at Pacifica is damaging the public reputation of the NAHB. Ask Mr. Bruce Smith to urge Ken Ford to resign from the Pacifica Radio Board. Be polite but be firm. Call NAHB executive office at 800-368-5242 x303 or x408. Also e-mail the NAHB at:

5. Many of you have complained about the treatment you have received from staff and volunteers at WBAI and KPFK. Others have asked for contact information on the Pacifica Board. Enclosed below is a list of Pacifica Board members and their contact info. Please let Pacifica Board members hear about your experience and please forward them your protests. Also, send a copy to the Pacifica Campaign (


You can cut and past this list of email addresses into the "To" heading of your letter-- your email program may require semicolons in between addresses rather than commas. Fuller contact info is below.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Protest Pacifica managementıs harassment and censorship of Amy Goodman and Democracy Now! and demand that the editorial integrity of the program be respected. Call for Democracy Now! to be played in full, every day. Ask for the real deal, no fakes and no frauds. That day's version of Democracy Now! only.

Let your voice be heard!

Please be polite and patient. You will be speaking with -- or writing to -- a wide variety of people. Win them over to our side. No to the firings and bannings at WBAI! The Pacifica Executive Leadership must resign! Yes to Free Speech and Democratic Accountability!


Bessie Wash
Tel: 888-770-4944 x348
Fax: 202-588-05621

David G. Acosta CPA
Tel: 713-926-4604
Fax: 713-921-2780

Ken Ford
Vice Chair
Tel: 202-822-0228
Fax: 202-822-0369

Andrea Cisco
Tel: 718-624-6105
Fax: 718-624-6287

Bertram M. Lee
Tel: 202-248-1896

John M. Murdock
Tel: 202-861-0900
Fax: 202-296-2882

Karolyn van Putten
Tel: 415-771-1160
Fax: 603-699-0715

Wendell L. Johns
Tel: 202-752-8193
Fax: 202-752-4281

Bob Farrell
Tel: 310-514-2052
Fax: 310-514-0967

Valrie Chambers
Tel: 361-825-6012
Fax: 281-655-0266

Utrice Leid
WBAI interim manager
Tel: (212) 209-2820

Mark Schubb
KPFK manager
Tel: (818) 985-5735 x203