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Call To Action! Come to Washington, DC Nov. 17-18 2001


Save Pacifica Now!

Come to Washington, DC Nov. 17-18 2001

For the Pacifica Foundation Board of Directors Meeting

All hands are needed in DC to help stop the destruction of the network that we cherish and need. The illegitimate majority on the Pacifica Board declared war on its traditions and its listeners when they stacked the board on Sept. 19th on a shamefully conducted conference call "meeting." Meanwhile, they continue to squander donated funds on high-priced law firms and PR flacks and fire and ban the network's top talent.

On Saturday and Sunday, Nov, 17-18, they will show their faces in Washington at an as-yet undisclosed hotel, for another sham meeting. The Pacifica reform movement will be there in great number, to hold them accountable and put a stop to their illegal and destructive dealings. Forums, protests, vigils and other established, creative and Constitutionally-protected forms of SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER will be employed to save Pacifica from this clique of corporatists.

In the coming weeks, we will be contacting you daily with two principle goals: to give you detailed information on these Board members, their hired guns, and their plans for Pacifica, and to ask you to join in concerted action to serve these people notice that there is a very vocal mass movement, that isn't going away, that intends to save Pacifica.

Together, WE WILL WIN. Pacifica is needed now more than ever, as mass media and our government itself become controlled by fewer and fewer corporate interests, and as global grief is perverted into a shrill cry for war from the oilmen running Washington and their propagandists.

While the junta running Pacifica spurns coverage of the war from a pacifist perspective, we can support and benefit from the work of the burgeoning Pacifica Network in Exile, including Free Speech Radio News, Democracy Now! in Exile, - WBAI Radio in Exile on the internet and the new sister project, WPFW in Exile in DC, and the growing roster of "affiliates in exile," community stations that have broken relations with Pacifica and have joined in the struggle.

That same weekend will see thousands protesting the US Army's School of the Americas at Fort Benning, Georgia (, and at the hastily-rescheduled IMF/World Bank meetings, to be held in Ottawa ( The weekend of Nov. 17-18th will be a vital moment as we reclaim our patriotic tradition of peaceful protest. Please plan on being with us for this critical moment.

JOIN US in our daily actions to hold accountable the Pacifica Board majority and their hired guns. JOIN US in Washington, DC on the weekend of Nov. 17 - 18 as we unleash an avalanche of protest to save the Pacifica radio network.

For more information 800-797-6229.