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Pacifica will say anything to get your money
Why? Because the corporate reorganization rocking the network depends on your dollars and your ignorance. The Pacifica Campaign supports a national boycott. Before you give again, arm yourself with information.

Myth #1
WBAI will be sold if you boycott the station.
New York station WBAI, and Berkeley station KPFA have been vulnerable since at least 1999. A leaked board memo then made reference to selling both stations when the network was flush-long before the current boycott campaign began.

Myth #2
Jobs will be lost if you boycott the station.
Over the last ten years, progressive programmers have been purged from all Pacifica stations, most recently at WBAI. Los Angeles station KPFK and KPFA have skeleton management crews. Pacifica has never allowed these stations to hire staff-one way it keeps control of content from the top.

Myth #3
The boycott hurts Pacifica unions.
Pacifica has a stunning union-busting history. Despite its progressive commitment, Pacifica has hired union-busting PR firms to eviscerate protections for its own workers. Pacifica has kept unpaid staff out of WBAI's bargaining unit.

Myth #4
The boycott will force drastic measures.
Drastic measures already occur. Most recently, Democracy Now! was taken off the air in New York and Los Angeles. Many believe this is the opening salvo by Pacifica national to permanently remove the show. Also, the recent proposed by-laws changes will allow a tiny board clique to sell stations without majority consent. The board had a coup a year ago, making it self-selecting. These "drastic" measures long pre-date the Pacifica Campaign.

Myth #5
The boycott will deny stations operating funds.
Pacifica national has destroyed financial autonomy for all stations while bloating its own bureaucracy. Managers spend your money flying around the country staying in first-rate hotels. Pacifica buys expensive market-research studies. If the stations don't get needed funds, Pacifica must answer for it.


For more information, please contact the
Pacifica Campaign
51 MacDougal Street, #80
NY, NY 10012
(800) 797 6229
(646) 230 9588
(646) 230 9582 fax


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