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It is time for all listener supporters to withhold our donations from the five radio stations and the Pacifica Foundation in a mass referendum against their current policies. More than five years in the making, this crisis has engulfed every part of the Pacifica network.

The Board of Directors and the national management is transforming the Pacifica network into an institution that has violated our tradition of democracy and cutting-edge journalism. It has become an institution that has installed illegitimate and abusive management especially at WBAI, KPFK, KPFT and WPFW and has broken the community ties built on trust and respect over the past 50 years.

They have banished and exiled producers,cancelled radio shows which were responsive to community needs and violated the principles what we have always cherished and championed. Pacifica is our network.

We must withhold our funds at this time as a mass referendum and a vote of no confidence to stop those who want to silence and destroy the honest, uncensored, high-quality journalism and artistic expression that we love.Boycott until every board member who has orchestrated this corporate takeover of all the the Pacifica stations is forced to resign and a new board is in place - one that is democratically accountable to our communities.



Don't Finance the destruction of our own network!
Stop funding board members who want to sell the stations for their own personal financial gain!
Stop funding management that censors the airwaves!
Stop funding management that conducts political "purges" of its best journalists!
Stop paying for bloated expenses! The Pacifica executive management has grabbed all the money from our stations leaving them no autonomy or control, while the managers fly around the country staying at first-rate hotels!
Stop funding Pacifica's union-busting management!

Increase Financial Pressure on The Current Board
Pacifica depends entirely upon your money, except for a small grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Vote! A funding boycott is the only way every Pacifica listener can vote on the policies of the current board. It is the most democratic vehicle available to us under current conditions. Your dollars speak. Make your statement wisely!

A Successful Boycott will Not Destroy the Network!
It is the corporate clique on the Pacifica Board that is destroying the network - not us!
Great rewards involve risk. We must not let the Pacifica Board dictate the terms of struggle or the time of final showdown. If we act forcefully while our opposition movement is strong - we can save our stations and the network!
The Pacifica Board was trying to sell WBAI long before there was a boycott! Our movement has forced this issue out in the open and forced the board to publicly renounce any intention to sell.
Our boycott will not cause the stations to be sold. Selling a station license is easier said than done. By FCC regulations, Pacifica must give notice of its intentions to sell any station and there must be a period of time for the public to challenge that.
There is no evidence that a boycott will cause the FCC to pull the network's license. During the 1999 KPFA radio debacle in Berkeley, when the station was taken off the air for an extended time and 15,000 people took to the streets, the FCC did not interfere.



"Quite simply, the Pacifica Board has been hijacked by a small clique that has more in common with corporate vultures than with working Americans."
- Juan Gonzalez


For more information, please contact the
Pacifica Campaign
51 MacDougal Street, #80
NY, NY 10012
(800) 797 6229
(646) 230 9588
(646) 230 9582 fax


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