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Million Marijuana March May 7th, 2005 everywhere!

Drug War Articles by Paul DeRienzo

CannabisCulture Magazine/online

The Ibogaine Alternative
November 29, 2005

Drug War Survival Skills from the Bust to Begging for Mercy"

November 7, 2005

Can’t we all just get a bong?
July 7, 2005

Hard Times for High Times
July 7, 2005

Greece Bans Book Depicting Jesus as a Pot Head
March 29, 2005

Meanwhile back at the ranch in Lake County, California

High Times Editor-In-Chief Paul DeRienzo seen
Loosening Soil with Dennis Peron

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Heads Magazine
March 2000- December 2001

Issue 1 thru 6

Its a State of Mind!

Articles about HEADS Magazine

July 19, 2000

Pot Shot:
Two hot marijuana magazines are threatening High Times' hegemony

by Colin Moyniha

July 25, 2000

Yo, Heads up,
a new title for dope smokers Challenger to that '70s icon, High Times
By Gabriel Spitzer

April 30, 2001

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HEADS Magazine

Oct. 2000 Ralph "Sonny" Barger of the Hells Angels
Dec. 2000
Jack Herer Beats Stroke
Dec. 2000
Following the Rainbow

Dec. 2000
Lewis MacAdam Birth of the Cool. Beat, Bebop and the American Avant-Garde


Paul was Editor-in-Chief of High Times
from February thru September 1998

Issue 274 thru 280

Seen in High Times

August '98
Dennis Peron:
The Marijuana Mouse That Roared
February '98
November '97
August '96
And the Whole World Tuned Out
March '96
December '95
August '95
July '95
April '94


December '93
October '93
June '93
May '92
March '91

March 15, 2000

High Times and the Cannabis Cup
by Pete Brady

April 6, 1998
27th annual Hash Bash draws 5,000
By Erin Holmes and Jason Stoffer
Michigan Daily

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