Wednesday, December 21, 2005

An interesting conversation with Dr. Ken Alper about the history of the illegality of Ibogaine beginning in the 1960s.


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On the other hand, regardless of the Farnsworth article indicating that
ibogaine was scheduled by the FDA by at least 1968, the attached article by
Sullivan indicates that the NY state police were aware of ibogaine by 1967.

Also attached is a 1994 newspaper story on the Drug War. According to that
story, the entire NIDA medications development budget in the ibogaine
project era was 22 million, relative to a total Drug war expenditure of 13

See also
The Drug to End All Drugs
Addicts may get new lives, as clinical studies of exotic, controversial ibogaine are set to resume
by Aina Hunter

On 12/17/05 7:56 PM, "Paul DeRienzo" wrote:

> > fascinating, this arrest would have been before there was a federal law
> > against Ibogaine, I think it wasn't made illegal under federal law
> > until 1970. This is a state bust., Sounds like NYC was ahead of its
> > time. So was California, it made LSD illegal in 1966. The story fits
> > the pattern of Ibogaine being found as a sideshow to larger
> > conspiracies having to do with LSD (and interestingly enough mescaline
> > too.) I've still not found any major Ibogaine busts at the federal
> > level. I'm still looking.
> >
> > --Paul
> >
> > On Dec 17, 2005, at 7:19 PM, Kenneth Alper M.D. wrote:
> >
>> >> See the attached. Under subheading "Possession Charged"
>> >>
>> >> "...McLendon was charged with possessing ...1/4 ounce of ibogaine
>> >> powder,
>> >> according to Mr. Morgenthau"
>> >>
>> >>
>> >> -KA
>> >>
>> >>
> >



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