Saturday, November 12, 2005

Joanie and I taped the first installment of the resurgent Let Them Talk on public access cable TV, featuring AJ Weberman on his new book the Dylan to English Dictionary. I'll post the time and date later. We played our theme song, which hasn't been heard broadcast in NYC since February 2002. Its "Let Them Talk," by Little Willie John from the double album "Free at Last." Willie John was born 1937 in Arkansas and raised in Detroit. He started singing at 13 and had his first hit at 17. He wrote one song that became a huge hit, "Fever," but it was left to Peggy Lee to make the song famous. Let Them Talk is typical of the slow blues ballads that Willie John (who was said to be "awfully small in stature, but terribly large in soul and voice") sang so well. He lived life "as he saw it, all out," and if he were alive today he'd be a contemprary rock-blues musician. Willie John reportely died from pneumonia at the Washington State Prison in 1967, where he was doing time for manslaughter.

Let Them Talk will be seen on Manhattan Neighborhood Networks at various times in a couple of weeks. Drop back to get the latest dates and times. In teh meantime you can join the Let Them Talk mailing list at

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