Sunday, November 20, 2005

Joanie and I showed up at MNN to record another episode of our new old show Let Them Talk. Our guest was supposed to be Lynne Stewart who faces sentencing in January on trumped up charges of allegedly helping convicted Islamic militant Sheik Omar Abd Rahman pass a message to his followers. When we arrived at MNN studios on 59th between 10 and 11th Avenue I saw yellow police tape everywhere. An MNN staffer told us that they had been told moments before by the NYPD to evacuate the building because of a possible collapse of an adjoining building. Outside there was a crane on a site next to the MNN building and an old warehouse behind in on 60th street. Meanwhile Lynne arrived ready for the interview, which had to be postponed. We wound up sitting at a Starbucks drinking Egg Nog Latte, Orange Spice teas and espressos while discussing the niceties of Patrick Fitzgerald conservative, catholic boy school attitudes that lie behind his persecution of Lynne. Fitzgerald was second seat on the trial of Rahman in the 1990s and has been the chief inquisitor who jailed NY Times reporter Judith Miller for three months. As soon as MNN straightens out its problem we will reschedule the interview and hopefully I'll be announcing the broadcast time and channel on this site. You can watch a video of Joanie's summer 2004 interview prior to Lynne's conviction here

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