Sunday, November 06, 2005

I was watching the local news (Fox 5 NY) at 5 pm on October 6 when an announcement came on concerning possible terror attacks in the NY subway system. The anchor Rosanna Scotto was all set to do a live on air phone interview about the breaking story. The caller said he was a city official reporting calm that fortunately when the "suspicious package" supposedly found on the subway was opened by police it turned out to be "Howard Stern's Ball Sack." Co-anchor Ernie Anastos doubled me up when he said "what?" Rosanna Scotto looked pissed. She immediately said , "WHAT?!!!" and the caller repeated, "we're investigation Howard Sterns ball sack." The look on Scotto's and co- anchor Anastos' face was priceless. We're still laughing.

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