Sunday, November 06, 2005

I spoke briefly with Mary Francis Berry after she was interviewed by Sam Greenfield on the WWRL show "Drive Time Dialogue" on Wednesday October 26. I joked that I had once "worked" for her at Pacifica, but she was not amused. I told her I had been run out too and she said "I bet you were one of the people who wanted to get rid of me and now you know what I was dealing with." I agreed , but told her that I didn't know her at the time and I had simply followed the views of people who had brought me into Pacifica and who I at that time had no reason to distrust. She was sympathetic, but kept repeating that "Pacifica is a mess." I haven't read her book yet, but Sam told me its great.

It's fascinating that the day after Rosa Parks died Amy would be plugging Parks as part of DN!'s fundraising. In light of Pacifica's recent history, which includes running Mary Francis Berry, an African-American woman, out of Pacifica management, a woman who fought similar battles for Africa-American people makes those pleas for money seem hypocritical to me.

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